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How many toes does a duck have?
Question Date: 2018-01-06
Answer 1:

Ducks, being dinosaurs, have dinosaur feet: three toes in front, one in back, up the leg.

Unlike other dinosaurs, the skin between the toes forms a web, which is why it looks like they have those big, triangle-shaped feet.

Answer 2:

Ducks have four toes - three in the front and one in the back. Even though their feet are webbed, we can still see the toes very clearly.

Answer 3:

Ducks have 4 toes; 3 are in the front and have webbing, while the 4th is on the back of the leg.

Answer 4:

Ducks have four toes! There are three toes in the front that are connected by webs, and one foot in the back of its foot that is not connected to the other three toes. The webbing between the front toes helps the duck paddle through water and swim.

Answer 5:

Like most birds, ducks have 4 toes. Ducks typically have 3 forward facing toes that are webbed and one very tiny toe pointing back. You can see the toes if you look at some pictures of duck feet, and you can check out some interesting books on birds (usually with great pictures) at the library.

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