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What did dinosaurs eat and drink when there was limited food and water?
Question Date: 2018-01-30
Answer 1:

I think they probably just had to drink water or go thirsty. If they ate food with a lot of water in it, that would have helped them.

When food and water get scarce, animals don’t have a lot of choices. Sometimes they can move to places that have more food and water, but there are usually already animals there, so they would have to compete for the food and water.

They could get less active so that they would need less, but they can only do that for a while. Some animals can hibernate, but we don’t know if dinosaurs could do that.

If the food and water were only limited sometimes, they could put on a lot of fat until they needed it. When we break down fat, it becomes carbon dioxide and water. We breathe out the carbon dioxide.

Do you think it’s better to be big or small when food and water are scarce?

Thanks for asking,

Answer 2:

When food was scarce, dinosaurs sometimes might have eaten decayed (rotten) wood and crustaceans (think creatures like lobsters, crabs, etc).

Answer 3:

Dinosaurs were animals. Birds, which are living dinosaurs, are also animals. Birds eat many things, from plants, animals, even other birds. Extinct dinosaurs were the same way. Food was limited then, as it is now, and water was limited then, too, just like it is now.

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