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How can humans be impacted by extreme weather?
Question Date: 2018-03-14
Answer 1:

By having extreme weather, we can be entertained, bothered, hurt or killed. I'm entertained when there's extreme weather that I can see from my living room windows. If I need to go outside in extreme weather, I'll probably be bothered. If I go outside in extreme weather, and a big tree branch falls down on me because of the storm, I'll be hurt. That happened to my neighbor's foreign exchange student. If we're driving in extreme rain, and our Mercedes convertible skids in the rain and flips over the freeway overpass onto the road below and the top comes off the convertible, we would probably die. Luckily my teacher survived with only a little bit of injury!

That's all humorous, but it's very sad when large groups of people can't get away from the extreme weather, and they are hurt or killed.

Answer 2:

Extreme weather events are destructive. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, extreme droughts, and so on are all extreme weather.

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