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Why does time seem to go by so slowly when your young and seem to go by so quickly the older you are? Is this in any relation to how time speeds up in space versus on Earth?
Question Date: 2018-03-15
Answer 1:

The objective (neutral) view of time tells us that time itself goes at exactly the same pace for everyone. However, our perception of time, in other words, how we see and feel time, can be very different depending on what we're doing, who we're spending time with, and what our moods are.

It is a very common experience that when people feel that they're busy, that they have many things to do, they will feel that time goes by too quickly, that they do not have enough time. The opposite is true, too. When people do not have a lot to do, they may feel bored and feel that time passes slowly. Sometimes, when people spend time with someone they like/love, they will feel that time passes quickly because they have an active desire for more time with this person, and the opposite can also be true here.

How fast or slow time seems to us humans, on Earth, at this time, is not related to the environment on Earth or in space. It is just how we "feel" time.

Thank you very much!

Answer 2:

I think time sometimes seems to go slowly and sometimes seems to go fast for all of us.

Time is always going at the same speed for all of us on Earth. Partly, I think time seems to go faster when we're having fun and slower when we're bored. Does that happen to you?

When 2017 ended, I had already finished 72 other years, so that might be one reason why time seems to go faster for older people. Only 10 yrs had gone by, for my granddaughter, so 2017 was 10% of her life and only a little over 1% of my life!

Answer 3:

No, it's a matter of perspective, or a prospective attitude for different persons.

For example, when you are five years old, one year is 20% of your life, so it seems like a long time. When you're fifty years old, one year is 2% of your life, so it seems like a much shorter time.

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