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What are the coolest things or most unbelievable things that our satellites catch during their orbiting around the earth?
Question Date: 2018-04-16
Answer 1:

Satellites have captured many interesting or unexplained images during their orbits. These include patterns in the desert, some of which are art pieces that people have set up - such as an extremely large spiral pattern in Egypt - and others have unknown origins. There are also interesting geological patterns (heart-shaped lakes and lakes with red/blue/other vibrant colors), wildlife images (large buffalo herds, hippos in the water), structures built in interesting shapes, logos for big companies (such as Coca-Cola), weather phenomena such as an entire hurricane seen from the top down, and of course, all the pictures of cities, airfields, agricultural landscape, and other pieces of human civilization.

Sometimes, the sheer scale of an object is enough to be interesting, especially if it is man-made because of all the hard work that had to go into the object, such as the spiral artwork in Egypt. The art is called the Desert Breath and covers roughly 25 acres of land area. This is equivalent to the area of 19 college football fields.

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