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What can cause a plant to have green leaves and white leaves at the same time? Looks like no chlorophyll in some leaves. They are growing from the same plant crown. The plant is hoary cress, Cardaria Draba.
Question Date: 2018-05-16
Answer 1:

As you can probably imagine, plants lacking chlorophyll are typically at a disadvantage, since chlorophyll converts light into energy for the plant to be able to grow. However, "albino" plants (that have little to no chlorophyll) are not unheard of - this article from National Geographic talks about albino redwoods that are able to survive by feeding off of their healthy neighbors!: white wonders

Chlorophyll can also be missing from only a few parts of a single plant with healthy leaves (which sounds like the case for your hoary cress). This can be caused by nutritional deficiency or a genetic mutation.

Hope this helps!!

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