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How do fingers affect apples when we touch them?
Question Date: 2018-10-16
Answer 1:

The apple would get stuff from our fingers on it. That's an interesting experiment: if you touch a cut apple and wait, will you be able to see where you touched it? What if you have vinegar on your fingers or baking soda or sugar or salt? It sounds like a fun experiment. I might try it.

Answer 2:

If fingers carry mold or other pathogens, then the mold or what-have-you can infect the apple and cause it to rot, but aside from that fingers are not harmful.

Answer 3:

This is a tough question. When we touch objects, oils from our fingers can get stuck on them. Also, touching an apple might rub off some of the wax that is on most apples from the grocery store. This might speed up the spoilage process, but I think you would have to touch an apple a lot to rub off a significant amount of wax.

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