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Does eating avocado stimulate hair growth?
Question Date: 2018-10-18
Answer 1:

Avocados are rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant which may promote hair growth, and contain many essential fatty acids which also help to keep hair healthy. I couldn’t find find any studies that confirmed that eating these things would make your hair grow more, but it seems like it would definitely make it healthier!

The only way to tell for sure would be to do an experiment. For example, you could try to measure how much your hair grows in a month, and then compare it to how much your hair grows in a month if you eat an avocado once a week.

Answer 2:

Not that I am aware of.

Answer 3:

Some people think so, because they have patents for using avocado and other things for hair growth. But I'm not finding any scientific articles that actually give evidence for avocado stimulating hair growth.

Hair care compositions for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss

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