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How to make spider web at home by using chemicals?
Question Date: 2018-11-11
Answer 1:

You have asked how you can make a spider web at home. This is a very complicated question. Spider webs are made of spider silk. Although spiders make it look easy, it is a very hard material to make. Spiders are able to make their silk from building blocks that they can obtain easily in nature without using extreme heat or pressure. Spider silk is one of the strongest materials found in nature. It is made of a protein fibre.

Spiders make silk for many different purposes and they make it differently to suit each purpose. Some spider silks are among the strongest materials in the world. Plus, they are incredibly stretchy! If humans could figure out how to make spider silk, it could have many practical applications. However, so far we have found no efficient way to make spider silk other than to harvest the silk made by spiders.

So unfortunately, I think the answer for now is that we scientists don't know how you can make a spider web at home, however hopefully we will figure out this problem soon!

I hope this helps.


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