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What is life? Is it pointless?
Question Date: 2018-12-04
Answer 1:

Biology is the study of life. I am a biologist because I find life fascinating.

There are animals that live in nearly every environment on Earth with some incredible adaptations! Take us humans for example; we have the ability to observe and change our environment, learn from each other, enjoy beauty, music, and art. I am thankful to have life and do not find it pointless.

If you are feeling that your life is pointless, you may be depressed. I encourage you to share these feelings with others because you are not alone!

If you feel sad, you have to talk to your parents, or to your teacher, or to any adult who you trust and who can listen to your feelings. Life is never pointless, life is precious because we have only one chance to be on this planet, and we have to do our best in order to make of our lives a great experience.

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