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Where is the squid's funnel located?
Question Date: 2019-01-26
Answer 1:

Thank you for the great question.

Squid are very interesting! They have two different ways of locomotion, or ways of moving around. For moving slowly, squid use the fins on the side of their body. More often, squid use a form of jet propulsion to move around more quickly.

Squids use the muscles along their mantle, or the main part of their body, to draw in water. The water is then forced out by other muscles through the funnel, which is located near the head. The squid points the funnel in the opposite direction of where it wants to go and then the force of the water pushes them there. In this way, squid fly through the water in a way not too unlike a jet plane flies through the air.

I have included a picture that shows, in general, where the water flows into the squid, and where it flows out through the funnel.

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