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Can we live on Jupiter?
Question Date: 2019-02-12
Answer 1:

Noh, living on Jupiter would be too dangerous. First, it’s made up of only the gases hydrogen and helium, so there wouldn’t be any place to settle down. If you could stand on clouds though, you’d fall straight down very quickly because the gravity there is 2.5 times bigger than Earth.

Jupiter is also surrounded by a gigantic magnetic field that flings particles around at really high speeds. It also has a million times more powerful radiation than Earth, so we would cook instantly. Some scientists say there might be a solid core deep, deep down there but even if we could get there, it would be way too hot to live. It’s 24,000 degrees Celsius! In summary, no we cannot live on Jupiter, it’s too dangerous.

Answer 2:

No, you cannot live on Jupiter.

Jupiter has no hard surface that you can stand on. You would just sink in until the pressure from either the air on Jupiter would crush you or the heat from the inner air would cook you. To top it off, the air on Jupiter isn't breathable, either.

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