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What will happen if you give milk, Gatorade, apple juice, and cola to plants and then put them in sunlight?
Question Date: 2019-02-18
Answer 1:

Each of those drinks would have a different effect. All of them would end up hurting the plants, except for maybe the apple juice. This is because plants are very good at getting all the nutrients they need from the soil. They need water to do photosynthesis and to maintain "turgid" - a fancy word for stiff - so that they don't wilt.

Unlike in humans, the Gatorade would dehydrate the plants because its has too much salt. The milk would most likely be toxic for them since it contains a lot of fats and sugars, which the plants can't use. The CO2 and sugars in the soda also would not help the plants grow, and would dehydrate them since it is so sticky and concentrated. Apple juice might be ok for the plants since its more watery than the other drinks and might have nutrients the plants could use.

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