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What do pollinators like birds and insects help plants to do?
Question Date: 2019-04-11
Answer 1:

In order to produce seeds, plants need to get the pollen from male organs to the ovules in their female organs. Because plants are rooted to the ground, they can't move, so they need something else that can move to do it for them. Some plants use the wind, but this is very wasteful as the wind won't always blow the pollen where the plants want it to. Birds and insects will carry it (the pollen) directly to the ovule.

Answer 2:

The pollen needs to get to the center of the flower to make seeds, and the pollinators help it get there. Also, the pollinators carry pollen from one flower to the next and from one plant to the next. This is good, because it spreads the genes of the plants around so the genes of different plants of different plants mix and combine....such as it is.

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