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Does science have to play a role on some of the emotions that out brought out in us everyday? Is there something happening inside of us that triggers us to put out what ever we are feeling?
Question Date: 2004-06-11
Answer 1:

Biology is definitely involved in the emotions we feel, but scientists know very little about how that works.

We know that certain chemicals in our brain cells, or neurons, are linked to emotions. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters. Too much or too little of these neurotransmitters can lead to depression or a feeling of great happiness, but biologists don't know exactly how this happens. Scientists have also found links between certain regions of the brain and our perception of emotions, but again, nobody knows how those regions of the brain do what they do. By the time you become a scientist, however, we might know a lot more!

Answer 2:

Does science play a role in our emotions? Scientists are trying to understand our emotions and to find ways of helping us deal with emotions that are a big problem for us. There are many things scientists are studying to try to help us deal with difficult emotions. One is to design medicines that keep our emotions more manageable. Another one is to understand how therapists can help us keep our emotions more manageable - which types of therapy work best, or is it mostly that there are better therapists and worse ones, regardless of what type of therapy they use? Another is to understand how things like meditation and deep relaxation help us and how we can best use them to help ourselves, such as how long do we need to meditate to get a benefit, and what happens in our bodies when we are having a good meditation? Another is to investigate what good medical things there are outside of modern science, such as acupuncture and medicinal plants.

Our emotions are so complex, and often we just need to accept our emotions and the emotions of other people and try not to blame ourselves or others too much!

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