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Are the stuff on the website true or are they just stuff to make people just think it is true?
Question Date: 2019-09-10
Answer 1:

Our website displays the science questions that students and teachers send to ScienceLine (our program) in order to have answers based on scientific evidence. We have a group of volunteer scientists who generously write the science answers that you can read on our website.

We can never write something that has not been proven under the scientific evidence. Our scientists are constantly working under the scientific method in order to do Science (the knowledge attained through study or practice).

Unfortunately on the Internet there are several sites which are not serious about Science and this fact might be confusing for you. In our case, our site belongs to the Materials Research Laboratory from the University of California in Santa Barbara, both recognized as research and educational institutions all over the world. You can trust our website and learn from all the knowledge of our scientists.

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