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I read the answer to a question concerning warping of space-time. i.e the curvature of space-time is due to the effects of massive objects and their consequence, gravity. ok I have read about experiments concerning high powered lasers that are reflected around a space to infinity and the area within the space has shown a slight warpage or bending in its local space-time. Are the lasers causing a build up of mass in this area or are they providing "traction" on space-time and causing a rotation to occur?
Question Date: 2004-07-21
Answer 1:

The lasers are not causing any bending of space time; their paths are being bent by the gravitational field due to the warping of space time by a massive object.

A great book to read is "The Physics of Star Trek" by Lawrence Krauss. Try to find it at your local library or look Online for interesting videos about it.

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