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If I change the material of the ball or the type of the ball, will it affect how far the ball goes on a flat surface off a ramp?
Question Date: 2019-11-05
Answer 1:

Yes - both of those things will affect how far the ball rolls after it leaves the ramp. The surface of the ramp will affect the result, too, because if the surface is smooth, the ball will be going faster when it leaves the ramp, compared with a sticky surface. The same for the surface at the end of the ramp - there will be more friction, and the ball won't go as far, if the surface is sticky than if it is smooth. The weight of the ball will make a difference, too.

Answer 2:

Yes, the material and type can affect how far the ball will roll. If the material is very soft and deformable, or if the surface of the ball or ramp is very rough or bumpy, it will probably not roll as far. A solid ball should roll farther than a hollow one. Here is a link to an activity that explores a similar question: rolling-race.

Answer 3:

You might check out on this link where we have an interesting answer for you; it is on our database.

Answer 4:

It can, especially if the ball is squishy. You should experiment for yourself!

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