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How high does a baseball go when bounced?
Question Date: 2019-11-08
Answer 1:

As you've probably noticed, baseballs are not as bouncy as basketballs or even golf balls. Bounciness depends on the construction and materials the ball is made out of.

Here is a link with some information about baseball bounciness, and how it affects the game of baseball ( ballbounces ).

Based on this resource, if you drop a baseball from 1 meter high, it will bounce back to 0.325 meters, or 32.5% of its original height. By contrast, a basketball will bounce back to 56% of its drop height.

Answer 2:

"Depending on the type of basketball and surface, you may have seen the ball bounce about 15 inches high on carpet and about 25 inches high on concrete."
bouncing basketball best .

Answer 3:

That depends on how fast it's moving when it hits the ground. You should test that yourself!

Answer 4:

I recommend you to read the answer here. It is on our database.

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