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Are there some cells (organs) in our body that are similar to our appendix? Such that we don't need but could actually kill us?
Question Date: 2004-09-27
Answer 1:

There are many other organs in our bodies that technically we don't need. Many people have problems with infections in their tonsils, and have them removed. It is very easy to live a long, healthy life without tonsils, especially since today we have such good nutrition and health care. However, we also know that the tonsils do help the immune system, so it's not really fair or accurate to call them "useless"-- they are just less important than other organs.

We have two kidneys, when technically we really only need one. We have a lot of teeth, when maybe we could actually get by with only a few, or with none at all if you like to eat nothing but smoothies! We have two eyes, which is nice, but really we could live just as easily with only one. But just because we can live without these organs doesn't mean it's not better to have them!

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