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Do scientists know of any other planets in our galaxy that might have some kind of life? What about in other galaxies? Is there any planet that resembles Earth?
Question Date: 2020-04-01
Answer 1:

In our solar system, both Mars and Europa may have life. Other stars in our galaxy also have planets with liquid water. However, we have found no planet that closely resembles Earth, and no planet that we know for a fact has life except for Earth.

I don't believe we've seen any planets in other galaxies. Other galaxies are too far away.

Answer 2:

A few scientists keep hoping to find life on Mars, but most of us don't expect that to happen. But there might have been simple life on Mars, like bacteria, long long ago. Now the environment on Mars is not good for life Life on Mars.

Venus is similar in size to Earth, but it is too hot. In other galaxies, most of the planets close to the size of Earth are too hot. Read here.

Proxima Centauri_b might be a good temperature, but the winds from its star are 2000 times stronger than our sun's winds on Earth's, so that would probably blow away all the atmosphere. It's in the constellation Centaurus, and it's the closest planet we know of that's outside our solar system.

Proxima Centauri_b

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