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Has anyone seen God? Who is God ? Can you scientifically explain God to me?
Question Date: 2020-04-21
Answer 1:

That is a very big question and difficult to answer! We might begin by asking who/what do we mean by God? For some people, this may be very specific particularly if you follow a particular religion. For other people, this may be very general – like an overall power or guiding force in the universe that links everything together. As you can see, it can be difficult talking about God in a scientific perspective because the scientific method is difficult to apply in this instance. The very questions that you ask have different meanings depending on who you talk to. Whether someone has seen God will be a question that is answered differently by different people depending on how they define “God” and what they mean by “see.” Who is right and who is wrong? How do you decide this?

The world that surrounds us is such a complex place. Humans are curious and want explanations for what happens on their journeys. The belief of a higher power helps people to understand and cope with everyday life. It can be comforting (and sometimes confusing/frustrating) to know that there is a reason for what is occurring in life especially when people are struggling. Humans also depend on other humans – belief in a purpose/path helps us feel connected to one another and not alone. What does “God” mean to you? How does your belief help you?

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