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Can magnesium generate heat or energy in a useful enough way to assist it its own manufacturing? Or to aid in the manufacturing of something else made out of it, like a cast magnesium metal product? Can it be used to produce the lighting? Can it be used to generate electricity? Thanks very, very much. Best wishes.
Question Date: 2020-07-02
Answer 1:

You can't use magnesium to create a perpetual source of more magnesium.

Elemental magnesium is very reactive, burning in both air and under water (especially underwater). Magnesium ions are also necessary to make chlorophyll, which can also be used to get energy. Magnesium can conduct electricity like any metal, but there are other metals that conduct electricity much better than magnesium does.

Answer 2:

Wow! These links say Yes!

From the The Economist: "The pure magnesium can then be used as a fuel (its energy density is about ten times that of hydrogen). When the magnesium is mixed with water, it produces heat, boiling the water to produce steam, which can then drive a turbine and do useful work."

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