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Which are the types of light energy we cannot see and where can they be found?
Question Date: 2020-10-22
Answer 1:

Hi Precious, great question! All the different types of light energy can be found on what’s called the Electromagnetic Spectrum. We can only see a tiny bit of the spectrum, a section called the “visible light spectrum”.

The visible spectrum is what you think of when you think of all of the colors you see everyday. Beyond the visible spectrum there are other types of light too on the invisible spectrum, light we can’t see with our human eyes - like ultraviolet light, infrared light, radio waves, and microwaves!

UV light is mostly found in sunlight, and we wear sunscreen to protect our skin from it, called “UV radiation”. We also have UV lamps that we can make, like black light lamps. Infrared light is light energy we feel as heat. All objects in the universe emit at least some infrared light, but a big source of it is the Sun.

Snakes like vipers and pythons can actually see in infrared - allowing them to detect their living warm-bodied prey from up to a meter away. Radio waves are also everywhere. They come from your WiFi router, cell phones, TV’s, and more. They pass through your body all the time and are as tall as the room you are in!

Lastly, we’ll talk about microwaves. Microwaves can be found in natural settings, like from the Sun. But they can also be made from artificial sources like the microwave oven you have at home and transmission towers you see on mountains!

Answer 2:

Here are 2 pictures of the light energy we can't see.

This one shows the tiny skinny band of the 'electromagnetic spectrum' that is visible light, and all the other types. We feel infrared (IR) energy as heat. We get sunburned with Ultraviolet (UV) energy.

This picture shows the same things in a more scientific way. It also shows microwaves, from our microwave ovens, and radio waves that are AM and FM radio.

My dad was a radio engineer, starting in the early days of radio. Then his radio station started a TV station, when TV was new, and he was an engineer for TV, too, for a while.

Answer 3:

Light redder than red, or bluer than violet, cannot be seen by human eyes. They are found all over the place. Our own bodies radiate infrared light, and all stars (including the sun) emit ultraviolet.

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