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Are fossils of some species currently found on the coastlines of continents, by oceans?
Question Date: 2020-11-10
Answer 1:

There's a historical novel called 'Remarkable Creatures' about 2 women who found lots of fossils of extinct creatures like crocodiles on the beach and the cliffs by the beach in England. They got famous. That was in the 1800's, and most of those fossils have been found now.

Here's a link about discovering fossils by the beach in England:
link. It shows pictures of ammonite fossils - the women in 'Remarkable Creatures' found lots of those fossils.

When I was in college, we collected lots of little fossils. When I went back for my 50th college reunion, the bookstore was selling fossils, but they were quite a bit smaller than the ones we collected in college 50 years ago.

Answer 2:

Yes; fossils can be found anywhere. The sea-cliffs on the east coast of the United States are full of fossils.

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