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What do you think about cloning? Would you like to get clone?
Question Date: 2004-11-03
Answer 1:

I think that cloning is a powerful tool for good which can be abused. I don't believe that humans should ever be cloned and I believe thatgovernments and nations should discuss and collaborate to develop global codes of conduct to prevent abuses of the methods. I do believe that organ and tissue cloning is too likely to save lives to be ignored, and I believe that any technology which might aid in the development of organ and tissue cloning should be developed.

I have no need or desire to be cloned. My aunt has a genetic disease causing her thyroid gland (just below your jaw on the side of your throat) to not function properly. If her DNA could be used to grow a new thyroid gland in a laboratory which could then be used to replace her old thyroid gland without risk of tissue rejections, her life would be much easier. Personally, I support this use of cloning.
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