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What is the ecosystem? What are some common ecosystems?
Question Date: 2002-02-28
Answer 1:

You are in the 4th grade I see. How do you like it? Do you have friends in your class? What about other classes? Do you play with the 2nd graders? I'm asking you all of these questions because it will help answer your question. The dictionary says that an ecosystem is "An integrated system of living species, their habitat, and the processes that affect them." Well what does that mean? It means that an ecosystem is a one word that includes all the animals, plants, land, and water that are found in one place.

One ecosystem is the North Pole. This is called the arctic ecosystem, and includes polar bears, birds, some plants, fish, walrus, the icebergs, the frozen dirt, and even the germs. In a way, your classroom is an ecosystem, with the kids, the teacher, the plants, the furniture, and all your toys and learning supplies.

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