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Some stars create black holes. If and when the sun dies like all stars, will it create a black hole as well? And will it suck the solar system into it?
Question Date: 2005-01-07
Answer 1:

Only stars with very large masses can become black holes. But our Sun is not massive enough to become a black hole. Four billion years from now when the Sun runs out of the available nuclear fuel in its core, our Sun will die a quiet death as white dwarf stars. More massive stars, such as those with masses of over 20 times our Sun's mass, may eventually create a black hole.

So, do not worry about the Sun becoming a black hole. Now, to answer your second question: If hypothetically the Sun would become a black hole (which will not happen), then nothing will happen to the Earth. Black holes do not scoop up planets. However, as there will be no longer any sunlight, we will have other troubles.

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