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What's the best and fastest growing plant to do a short term project on?
Question Date: 2005-03-10
Answer 1:

There is a plant that was specifically bred to be used in short-term research. The Wisconsin Fast Plant goes from seed to seed in about 40 days.

Check it out at:
fast plants.

Answer 2:

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. Depending on what type of research you want to do, a lot of people have chosen Arabidopsis thaliana for gene regulation study. Good luck!

Answer 3:

There is no easy answer to that. Some kind of annual(a plant that sprouts, grows, makes seed, and then dies) would be best, since that would do everything in a single season. Bean sprouts are good, rice is good,some sunflowers (esp. daisies) are good. You still will want weeks for your plants to sprout, though.

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